Phantom Page Form Submissions


We are using Facebook Lead Ads. Our inbound call agent are using CallRail Leadcenter to do triage: verify (and call back) leads. Unlike CRM integrations, currently there is no automated way to add ANY calls (or leads) to CallRail via Zapier since it is trigger only.

EXCEPT if you have the CallRail DNI script on you website pages. Then you can have a form submission function where the lead is added to CallRail Leadcenter.

The problem: how do you add leads to callrail from a non-webpage source (like Facebook Lead Ads)?

Feature Request: modify the DNI script to allow a lead to be submitted from a ‘phantom’ page - a 3rd party source like Facebook Lead Ads - where the form information can access the CallRail DNI script to submit a lead without the person visiting the website.


Hi @sps! Thanks for sharing this. The challenge with the phantom page you’re proposing on our end is that our DNI script is only accessible from a webpage, so there is no way for us to make our cookie accessible where there’s not a page housing that script. The solution you’re looking for would probably come in the form of an integration with Facebook Lead forms, and I can definitely submit that to our product team for consideration.