Passing tags through a Salesforce Intgegration at the start of the call


We have set up the integration between CallRail and Salesforce to pass along call information as new leads, but have come across a snag in the execution. We pass along the tags assigned in our numbers’ call flows with each call (this is used in Salesforce to assign the correct lead owner), however, when we set the integration to create a lead at the beginning of the call, it does not pass the tag. When we have the integration set to only send data once the call is complete, this issue does not occur. But when the intgration is set to send both at the beginning and at the end, these tags do not pass. I have the tag assignment step as early in the call flow setup as I can possibly put it, but the tag information still isn’t pushed to Salesforce. We really need this to be fixed.


Hi @NickD that sounds like it could be a bug although I’m not 100% without looking into some details & examples. Can you please submit a ticket through our support site and we can take a look?

Thank you!