Page Views after call via API


I have feature request for the API. I have Been looking through the API documentation to try export the timeline report data through api. So I can do my own custom reporting and to import the timeline data into my companies CRM. Just to note the CRM we use is on premise Microsoft Dynamics 2015 so zappier isn’t an option due to zappier not supporting on premise. With access to the API can make my own integration. I have gotten close to the same information as what I get from the timeline however it doesn’t look like there is a way to get page views from after the call.

Pages viewed after the call has already shown some valuable information. For example a customer placed an order in our eCommerce after a call. Please consider having some way to get page views from after a call.


Hi @Geach Thanks for submitting this request. We agree this is a worthwhile enhancement to the API and have added it to the list of future enhancements. I don’t have a timeline for you at this time, but will provide an update when we do.

Thank you for being a CallRail customer and a member of our community!