Not able to set PW for users


Original submission to support:
Hi there. I see that recently we are now unable to set the Passwords and email that informatoin directly to our clients that we set up to have user access to the call rail system. We are concerned with losing this option because we had several complaints and feedback that when the system generated and set a new user their login information, it would wind up in the users spam or junk folder (the majority of the time).
We would like to be able to manage this ourselves for our clients. please advise.

response back from support:
Craig Henry (CallRail)

Nov 14, 3:59 PM EST
Hi Lauren,
Thanks for reaching out to Support about this.
Unfortunately, we recently made a few changes to our system and that feature was removed. Going forward, clients will need to be sure to mark CallRail emails as not spam so they don’t go in there.
There is no way to only allow your account to stick with the previous way of setting passwords.
If there’s any other way I can be of service, please let me know.

final plea:
Hi Craig,

Thank you for the information. I would like to make a plea, case for CallRail management discussing bringing this option back. Most users (our clients) are small business owners and their first time hearing about CallRail from our reps would be the discussion of the benefit of using it in our magazine, taking them through ensuring their email is properly set up to receive an “invitation” email from callrail just to set up access just isn’t a reality. At least with us being able to set them up with the password, we could ensure it was received since it’s coming from an email address, etc.

Long story short, things got a lot clearer when our office starting setting up and distributing the passwords as opposed to straight from the system.

If that could be passed along for user interface conversations (your clients, clients user interface) that would be great.

Thank you


Hi @LaurenPatterson,

Thank you for this feedback. We are looking at ways to make inviting user workflows as efficient as possible. We’ll keep you updated on any changes as they come!

Thank you for being a member of our community and a CallRail customer.


Thank you for the reply Christina. This was a feature that was already available to us, can you give some insight as to why your team chose to take a functioning feature away?


Sure thing, @LaurenPatterson. We implemented a defense-in-depth strategy to CallRail which tightened up the security and protection of all of our customers accounts. As part of that security and protection, we now ensure that the user themselves are the sole owner for their password.

I hope this helps. We understand that this might have some workflow implications for some of our customers, with the trade-off being security for all users accounts.

Thank you again for your feedback! Your feedback helps us as we plan to look at ways to make onboarding more efficient.