New Sources and Interaction Types Hit the Cost per Lead Report


As our Multi-Touch CPL beta comes to an end, we are excited to announce some new enhancements to the report that launched today. In addition to calls as an interaction type, we are introducing two new interaction types: texts and forms, providing marketers access to multi-channel attribution data inside the CallRail platform.

During the beta period, we provided the capability to pull in online advertising costs from Google Ads. Now, we are introducing two new sources, with the ability to view cost data for Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. With access to attribution data for multiple sources and channels, we are able to automatically calculate the cost of the leads generated by keyword or Ad ID. Filter the data by the attribution model of your choice, with more models coming in the future.

The CPL report is an $8/company/month add-on and must be purchased for all companies under an account. Check out the announcement blog post here.