New Integration with Marin


Product Owner: Alyson Watson

How does the new Marin integration combine Marin and CallRail’s services?

It’s the perfect solution for those agencies or businesses that are trying to make a solid connection between calls and keywords. It helps determine which keywords are driving the most calls, as well as measuring PPC performance. Marin’s sophisticated software helps users track everything they’re bidding on so they can optimize their campaigns. CallRail is adding insights from phone calls to the data you get from Marin. In this integration, we included tracking for phone calls, SMS and form submissions. CallRail for Marin Software helps increase the usefulness of Marin’s automated bidding and recommendation tools.

What is your role as product owner when launching a new integration like the latest one with Marin?

As a Product Owner, when a new feature is prioritized to my team such as an integration, I work closely between design and development to make sure the vision is properly executed. On my end, this involves thorough research, writing a full list of requirements on how the integration will function, working with a Designer & Technical Writer to create the prototype, and being available for the development team to answer any questions. I’m the voice of the feature and in preparation for the release, I make sure every department is adequately educated on how the feature works and what problem it solves.

What gap does the integration with Marin fill for current customers?

It’s a great solution for being able to easily track phone call conversions and digest campaign performances for people who are currently utilizing Marin, or are looking to open an account with Marin to track and analyze marketing efforts.

How can utilizing this integration help marketers improve their PPC bids and conversions?

We’re able to close a gap by showing what keywords, display ads, and campaigns are driving calls. With Marin alone you’re able to see clicks, but not if a phone call occurred as a result of that. We’re adding that deeper level of attribution that helps your marketing team make informed decisions about ad spend. You’ll be able to save time by automatically adjusting bids to drive phone calls.

How can someone set up the integration, and what’s the fee?

In order to set up the integration, you will need to have an account with Marin. Your Marin customer success manager or sales rep will work with you in setting up the best solution for your business. From there, they’ll provide you with the correct documentation to enter on our side to set the integration up. We will send Marin a list of the calls your business is tracking through CallRail every day based on the options you’ve chosen, and the url parameters you’ve set. Marin then filters that data through their platform to provide analytics to you. It gives insights on which keywords are performing well and what traction campaigns are getting.

On CallRail’s end, a customer needs to have a Pro plan or higher, as this is a premium integration. Keyword tracking is also required. This is currently a feature flagged integration, which means a customer has to ask for it to be turned on to their account.

Why should customers use this?

If you’re a Marin user, you should definitely integrate with CallRail, because it gives a more complete, holistic view of what’s going on with your campaigns, which keywords are driving conversions, and how you should bid going forward.