New Filter - Single / Multi-Call



Would like to see a new filter added:

Single-Call vs Multi-Call
Unique vs Repeat

Say I want to filter out single-call results and only look only at customers who called me multiple times…I am currently unable to do so.

Say I want to filter out multi-call results and only look at customers who called me a single time…I am currently unable to do so.

Or if I want to look at a list of numbers who called me in a given date range (both new and returning), but don’t want to have to scroll through hundreds of instances where there is a 2nd or 3rd follow-up call…I just want to see one instance of each number that called me in that date range…I am currently unable to do so.

Currently, CallRail is able to define how many calls are new vs returning customers in a given time-frame via the First Time Caller filter.

What CallRail is missing is the ability to define how many calls are single vs multi-call. This could also be accomplished via a filter.



Hi Jarron,

What you’re looking for is a perfect fit with the new Unique Callers report we just released to our Custom Reports feature last week.

This support article can help you get to Custom Reports and create the Unique Callers report:

The report gets you all of the data you need to do the analysis you are after. By default, the report shows you the list of contacts that actually called you. The Total Calls column will tell you how many times that particular contact called within the date range set at the top of the report. We don’t currently have a filter to separate out multi-call and single-call, but you can sort the report on the Totals Calls column, which will group all of the single-call contacts together with 1 Total Call. You could also export the report to Excel, where you could use filters to view only the single-callers or multi-callers.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions about this report. We are planning on upgrading the Unique Callers report in the Activity section soon to support all of the features in the new report.



Beautiful, thanks! This will do the trick.

Why is this under activity instead of reports is my only question? :laughing: