New Feature: Voicemail Detection


In the past, calls that went to voicemail were reported as answered, prompting discrepancies and guesswork around your marketing data. We set out to solve that problem. Last week, we released an exciting new update that automatically detects voicemails that you receive on your local phone system. Here’s a quick glance into how we built it.

To start, our team analyzed the qualities of over 50,000 voicemail messages and built a prediction engine specifically focused on telling the difference between a conversation and a voicemail. We focused on automatically detecting calls where a customer actually left a voicemail, rather than calls where the customer hung up before leaving a voicemail. Voicemail Detection is able to predict whether a call is a voicemail with a very high degree of accuracy (over 95%).

With Voicemail Detection, calls that route to your destination number’s voicemail system will be recognized in CallRail as a voicemail instead of an answered call. In addition, any of these calls will report as missed instead of answered, and will be detected in the same way we identify calls that route through our voicemail step in the Call Flow Builder. Voicemail calls will populate within your voicemail screen, and can easily be filtered, improving the accuracy of your reports. Having a better perspective on how your voicemails impact your business empowers you to work with greater precision, and helps bring clarity to your marketing efforts.

Perhaps the best part of Voicemail Detection is that it only requires Call Recording to be enabled on your tracking numbers, and is also HIPAA compliant.

We are very excited to hear how Voicemail Detection is impacting your business, and are looking forward to your feedback!