New Feature: PCI Redaction


We are excited to announce the release of PCI Redaction for call transcriptions and call recordings. Powered by CallScribe, this new feature automatically detects and redacts sensitive credit card information from your call transcriptions and call recordings. By using CallScribe with PCI Redaction you are now able to turn on call recording while having peace of mind that payment information that you may receive from your customers does not fall into the wrong hands.

PCI Redaction utilizes machine learning focused on recognizing when credit card information is shared during the conversation, and has an accuracy level of 90%. It should be noted that there may be times where additional numeric information is redacted by the model, but these instances should be limited. CallRail is committed to ensuring privacy and security of customer data. If you are looking to enhance the security of your call recordings and call transcriptions, turn on CallScribe and select the PCI Redaction option to begin redacting sensitive card information from your calls!