New Feature: "Custom Reports" Enhancements


We’re thrilled to announce some great new features with CallRail’s “Custom Reports.” We introduced the “Custom Reports” beta program in August 2018, and we’ve since made improvements that will take your call analytics to another level.

We’ve expanded our “Custom Reports” lineup to include the Call Log. The new Call Log Custom Report gives you each feature of the existing Call Log, plus all the useful enhancements that our “Custom Reports” offer.

In the Call Log Custom Report, you can:

  • View more than one of your companies at a time.
  • Select the data that’s most relevant to you.
  • Export an Excel file.
  • Filter your data at an improved speed.

The Call Log Custom Report serves as the foundation for our other major “Custom Reports” enhancements. The Calls by Company and Calls by Number reports also have these fantastic new features:

You can click on metric counts to see greater detail about specific calls. Both reports allow you to drill into your data and see the details of each of your calls, giving you more flexibility when studying your information.

You can take advantage of more metrics. You can report on local minutes, toll-free minutes, repeat calls, and unique calls involving your numbers and companies. These new metrics give you more insight into who’s calling you and where your calls are coming from.

You can tag your calls to organize them in a way that makes the most sense for your business. In both reports, you can choose a specific tag to show as a column in your table. This allows you to see, per number or company, how many calls you had in each of your predefined buckets.

We’ve rolled out these enhancements in recent months, and we aren’t done yet! We’re constantly trying to improve your “Custom Reports” experience, so here are a few things we expect to present to you all soon:

  • Visual enhancements to make filtering and saving reports easier.
  • Including numbers and companies that haven’t received calls in reports.
  • The creation of more “Custom Reports” featuring data from the Voicemail and Unique Callers reports in the Activity tab.
  • Bringing all these improvements to reports outside of the “Custom Reports” lineup.

As always, we welcome any feedback. Comment below to let us know what new reporting feature most excites you.