New Feature: "Custom Reports" Beta


We’re thrilled to announce the next enhancement to CallRail’s reporting tools with our “Custom Reports” beta program. All customers are invited to take part in this exciting beta, and you’ll have exclusive access to new features just as fast as our engineers can produce them.

These new “Custom Reports” focus on addressing some of the key reporting goals we heard directly from our customers. For example, you can now name and save any report you create. And if you adjust your strategy later, each change you make to your report can be saved and used for that report in the future. We want to make life easier for you, and this is customized reporting at its finest!

There are two reports you’ll be able to access at the start of this beta:

  1. Calls by Company: Get a breakdown of calls for each or any company.

  2. Calls by Number: See calls received by each of your tracking numbers.

You can find these new reports within the “Custom” menu in the “Reports” section of your CallRail account. Each of these reports improves upon the flexibility of the CallRail reports that are baked-in to your account (like the Usage by Number or Usage by Company reports).

For starters, we’ve built these new features:

You can now view multiple companies at once. Both “Calls by Company” and “Calls by Number” give you the flexibility to choose only the companies whose data you want to see.

You get to pick which metrics are included. We’ve started by giving you 10 metrics to build with, and we plan to expand that list with more options that work for you. Mix and match to create a report using only the metrics that matter for your business or clients.

You choose which pre-set time intervals you want for your data. Select a date range for your data, and then sort that data by day, week, month, or year. Watch for changes over time and analyze long-term trends to gain crucial insights for better business decisions.

We’ve enhanced your exporting experience. Your reports now export in Excel native XLSX files and include multiple sheets. You’ll even receive a cover sheet detailing your export, so you’ll never have to wonder which filters you used when you exported your report.

While we’re super excited to share these amazing changes with you, we want you to know that we’re not done yet! We’re constantly working to add more value and features to the “Custom Reports” beta program. Here are a few things we expect to present to you all soon:

  • A complete set of filters to use and the ability to drill-down into a list of calls for each data set you create.

  • An expanded offering of available report types that cover the various metrics surrounding attribution, keywords, day and time, and more.

As always, we welcome any feedback. Comment below to let us know what new reporting feature most excites you. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, you can provide feedback on our “Custom Reports” survey.

Another thing: keep checking back here for updates! We’ll use this thread to let you know what we’ve released when we’ve added a new feature to your reporting experience. We’re excited to see what this new versatility with reporting helps you build!