Needing Professional Help


I’ve set up CallRail for 5 of my brand’s websites. I see many calls logged and attributed to their sources more or less correctly. Calls are flowing through the call flow perfectly. But I am honestly not sure I did it right. I set up individual numbers for my 5 different GMB listings as well as listings on and other directories we are on . We are a substance use treatment center BTW. But Now I’m told that all these different numbers that I’ve assigned to various listings and directories are going to create a big NAP problem. All I want is for someone to come sit with me, hold my hand and either set this all up again or do a lengthy video call and help me get it right. Happy to pay by the hour for someone’s time. I am simply over my head and have a hard time following a phone conversation with a CR rep who has limited time to spend. SOMEONE HELP!


Hi @pdamico! This sounds like something our Implementation Team here at CallRail would be a good fit for. I’ve gone ahead and submitted your information to them, they’ll go ahead and take a look into your account and see how they can help best. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, @jefflogan, @danaditomaso, @AdamArkfeld, or @paulhanney do you guys have any good “rule of thumb” or any tips for making sure your NAP consistency isn’t effected?

@pdamico, what sort of set up do you have now for your companies? Are they just singular tracking numbers you’re putting up on GMB and other directories? Is the tracking number the only one listed on your GMB listing?


Having your CallRail number on your GMB can be fine, depending on how you set it up! You MUST have your actual phone number as the secondary number in GMB so Google doesn’t think you’ve changed phone numbers. Your phone number is your main identifier in Google’s local ecosystem so changing that up is a big problem.

Having your CallRail number on a directory such as Psychology Today is definitely a no-go and you’ll need to fix that.

If you would like to chat on the phone and I walk you through how to do this right, just let me know!

We have guides we’ve written on this topic and with a phone call and a guide you should be on your way to fixing this up.


HI Dana, I’d love to chat with you. Particularly about Psychology Today and why that is a no go. It’s been working (mechanically) for me for months. Please ring me ANY TIME day or night that works for you. 617 686 1983