NEED YOUR HELP! Enable texting photos ASAP!


Hi Community,

We need a large response to get them to add texting photos through callrail. This feature is greatly needed in my business and I am sure it will be integral for others once the option is available.

Texting photos is a necessity these days. Without this I have to give out my regular cell phone number to my clients and then it makes me wonder what is the use of having all callrail as a service if I am going back to giving my personal cell phone number

Please comment below so we can get this added ASAP!

Receive Images Via Text

Oh yes! Need this like no tomorrow…

Real Estate industry, need to be able to share photos.

With you 100%!!!


Yes, please add photo texting.


I too would like to be able to attach files of any type such as pdf and jpg


Hey @rushhousebuys - I can definitely see how sending and receiving images with your clients is important for your business, and how giving out your own phone number is not ideal. MMS is something that has been around for a while, and seems common place now. Unfortunately there are a few hurdles in how it is built that make it very difficult to implement on services like ours. It’s on our long-term roadmap to tackle, but I don’t see a great solution in the near future.

Ability for SMS messages to receive images

100% agree texting images would be HUGE. I would pay extra monthly for this service if needed.


What can we do to put this at the front of the list in the roadmap? Its very important.


Hi @simplifylocal - Right now this isn’t on our roadmap for the reasons our director of product, @bryan, mentioned above. One workaround I would suggest trying is sending photos via links and asking clients to send you photos via links from Google Photos or iCloud. Our team is looking into some potential enhancements we could develop to make this process a little bit easier. I’ll keep this thread updated with any new developments!


Thank you for the update. I am trying to think of the best workaround. I think the link idea is best as it can keep conversations in the same place. How does it work with iCloud. Can they do it from their phone? I know in Google Photos you can create a link but not sure about iPhone especially if the person doesnt have google photos. Is there anything else you can think of? Maybe an easy option with Zapier?


For linking photos on iCloud, to my knowledge the best thing to do would be to add a photo to a shared album and there is the ability to share that album via link. That all works in the iPhone Photo app. Our product team is going to look into what’s possible with Zapier and I’ll let you know what they come back to me with.


I wish there was a better work around. this would be a BIG benefit


Totally understand @matthewfgpm - I wish I had a better solution to offer! Hopefully we can get something in the works via Zapier - I’ll let everyone who has commented here know as I get more info from the product team. Please know that your request has been heard, and if there are any changes to the limitations that are currently keeping us from adding this to the roadmap, the Community will be the first to know.


Yup this is a critical feature. bump. Let’s build some momentum and get it done!


This would be a huge improvement for us as well!


I agree that this is important. Let’s get MMS working please.


Additionally, why is the character limit so low forb texts?


Please please please move this feature up the priority list if possible.