Names on forms api



Hi, we are using form API for various customer and for a long time we are facing a frequest issue with the “name”, let me explain it…
Form data are different for every customer, and this is pretty expected. However on callrail’s dashboard the column “name” is always filled with a correct value. When we use the API we don’t have such a data. All we have are the various fields filled in the form and the name is never standard.
We implemented some logic to extract the name from the fields available but sometimes, for some accounts it’s tedious to detect the name fields automatically and we fail at displaying it.

I wanted to request that the form API to return the name for the form as it does in the dashboard.

Soufiane Ghzal


Hi Soufiane,

We are sending two name fields in the API – customer_name* AND the formatted_customer_name fields.

formatted_customer_name will match the data that is displayed in the CallRail UI and should include the name from the form submission.

Hope this helps!