Mass call flow editing (centralized call flow option)


Similar to my last post, it would be very helpful to not just create individual call flows for all the companies as it currently is now, but also the ability to point to a ‘global call flow’. I would think that many users set up the same call flow over and over for the different companies. When you have over 100 companies and therefore 100 of the same call flow being duplicated, it’s not only easier but necessary to instead just point to a global call flow for mass editing.

For instance, if I want to make any change that I know applies to all the companies (call flows), then I need to go into 100+ identical call flows for each company and do the same change over and over. Worse, if those call flows have schedules, I have to make that change for each portion of the schedule for EACH call flow.

The ability to create a custom call flow or point to a global call flow would be really helpful.


Hi @Scotte
Just realized I never responded to this request. I’ll take this back to the team for discussion. In the meantime, if you have specific use cases of when you use the same callflow for all your companies vs. different call flows for your companies, I’d love to hear more details.

Thank you for being a member of community and a CallRail customer!


Hi @Scotte,

The team met to discuss your Call Flow requests and we agree - we have enhancements we could bring to our call flows! We have an initiative in place to prioritize Call Flow and LeadCenter requests and this has been added to that initiative. Thanks again for being a CallRail customer and a member of community!