Manager Role permissions


Would be nice if we could get more flexibility with the assigned permissions for the roles. The 4 roles are fine but I am particuarly looking for a level of granularity in the Manager Role… being able to modify call flows but not be able to order numbers - think this should be limited to Admins

I am coming from the perspective of an agency and therefore want to give capabilty to customer’s to manage but control those aspects that are related to billable elements.

Or for a manager role set up by admin to allow option to assign or not the permission to add numbers


Hey luigidon,

User permission enhancements are currently on the roadmap but I can’t give you an accurate timeline for delivery at this time. As for the ability for a user to modify call flows without the ability to purchase numbers, you can currently achieve this with the reporting user type. The way that we’ve setup that role is that they can have no impact on the billing cycle so they will still be able to perform a majority of the functions but will be unable to modify or create numbers. Let me know if this is helpful and thank you for your feedback. Have a great day!


Thanks Jarrett , I did try with the Reporting user to edit a CallFlow but I get an error saying ‘You do not have access to this Company’ although the reporting user is attached to the same company as the flow.

Assume they cant create call flows rather just edit existing - if i get round the above error.

Perhaps a support ticket required?


Unfortunately I’ve made a mistake. You’re correct in that Reporting users cannot edit call flows. Sorry about that. User Role Permissions are still on the roadmap and I will definitely take this feedback to the Product Manager in charge of that effort. Do you have any other examples of how you’d like to see the role permissions changed/enhanced?