Just teasing us international customers!



Just saw this blog yesterday — got excited !!! then saw its not available to me

But it seems that Callrail release for US and Canada first and international customer later — does anyone know the policy and typical timelines involved in sending such functionality to us International customers …


Hey @luigidon! I’m happy to share that this feature is actually available for international customers - the only caveat is that we currently only have the functionality to bill in USD. Please refer to the screenshot below and let me know if this helps!


Great news but I am not seeing the option for Customer invocing under my Companies sedction on left like your screen shot


It’s currently feature flagged so needs to be turned on by a member of our team manually. I’ll DM you to get account info so we can get that taken care of!


Thanks Kate for turning it on … just exploring … I probably wont use the stripe integration until the system supports the UK and GBP so I’m not incurring additional charges for currency conversion. As a suggestion the export invoice functionality is interesting … in terms of generating invoices in the home currency of customer could perhaps the table that you can edit to support setting you own marked up rate just be changed to display the UK currency symbol…or make it interchangeable - that way I can use the system for generating invoices in the correct currency… pending stripe integration. for UK companies billing UK customer dont expect that USD is the currency of choice.


Thanks for bringing this up. You’re not the first person we’ve heard this from, and it’s definitely something I’ll submit as a feature request. I totally understand why you would prefer to be able to bill in UK currency.