iOS phone app - multiple improvement opportunities


I gotta say, i love a lot of the technical features of call rail, but user friendliness on the cell phone app leave a lot to be desired.

  1. if I log in as a company with only 1 phone number, lets just make that the default # so I don’t have to select a new one each time. Or maybe add it as a setting to designate 1 phone # only. chaining every time is tedious and slow.

  2. easily dial past numbers. I can see my call activity, BUT there is not option to redial, or return a phone call. I literally need to scribble the number down on a piece of paper, then manually create a new phone call and type it in. This is pretty bad.

  3. add the ability to copy and paste info. When I look at my call log, allow me to COPY the number from the number field.

  4. notifications - there should be a red dot when you get a new notification.

  5. phone / text notifications - any way to be able to mark a message as “read” or mark a phone call as “viewed”. If you could make it work smilier to the way the iPhone (or any other standard phone) works that would be great! right now it is really not clear

  6. is it possible to dial through the app to avoid having it call my phone first? Then I could easily stay in the app and take notes, tags, etc.

  7. when reviewing the recording on the phone, you MUST have head phones in. Cannot listen to it though the phone ear speaker OR the loud speaker. To me this is a BUG.

  8. can you link my phone contacts?

The bottom line: the way it is setup now, it really only makes sense to use it from a computer. using my iPhone and the app is extremely tedious.


Hi @matthewfgpm - Thank you for taking the time to share this list of things that would improve our mobile app experience for customers. I am going to make sure this gets sent to our product team for review, and I will post an update if they are able to add any of these features to our roadmap. Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Hi @matthewfgpm. Thanks again for the feedback. You bring up several great ideas that would be improvements for our mobile app users. I wanted to clarify a couple things that might help you now.

For item 2 - We do currently link phone numbers of incoming calls on the mobile app call log, so that you can click the number to quickly place an outbound call to that number. I’m currently discussing the ability to add the link to numbers that were dialed as outbound calls as well - and I’ll let you know if I have an update on that. Hopefully this functionality takes care of item 3 as well, since there won’t be a need to copy/paste if it’s linked.

For item 7 - I would check your phone settings. I was able to successfully play a recording through the phone’s speaker (iPhone 6S) without headphones. Make sure your phone is not in silent/vibrate mode.

The other items you mentioned are largely things we’ve considered from the start and were not able to get in the first release of the app, but hopefully can in future versions.

Thanks again, and hope the above is helpful.

Improved cell phone app

Thanks Bryan, glad to see you guys reviewing the usability of the app. You guys have such a strong foundation, focusing on usability would be SUCH a huge improvement from current state. I highly suggest benchmarking off whattsapp / standard iPhone / android functionality. Ability to “right click” and copy numbers, etc.

The best way to focus on improving the app is focusing on the high use users who will experience inefficiencies when trying to do the simple stuff like dial a number. Call a number back. Copy a number from a different app and easily paste it in.

Another idea, for our company, we only link 1 phone (agent) to each company / phone number. Let me designate the linked phone number only 1 time in the app, then store it as default… Do I really need to keep adding it every time I make a phone call? The obest way to understand the hurt of using the app now is to have your team use it in a high volume situation. =)

Thanks again!


The app is still the bane of my existence when trying to work remote. Extremely tedious. Do you plan on any solutions in the near future? Thx.


Hi Matthew - I’m sorry to hear that you’re still having challenges with the app. We haven’t forgotten about the change requests you’ve submitted, but unfortunately, I don’t have an update to give at this time about when they may be added to the roadmap. You will definitely be one of the first to know!


I really like the CallRail service, but the app really needs some improvement. But, mostly for our organization, we really need the ability for the app to connect to the contacts on my phone when making a phone call from the app. Now, we need to copy the phone number down on paper and then type it in, or copy/paste it into the app. BIG inconvenience.
Please help!


@rube Thanks so much for your feedback on the mobile app. I definitely understand how not being able to copy and paste a phone number into the mobile app can be frustrating and incredibly tedious. I don’t have a specific timeframe of when this functionality may be added to the roadmap at this moment, but I will make sure your thoughts and feedback is discussed with the team as we continue to look to improve ease-of-use.


Replying to this for visibility. This is my main issue with the Android app. The API is there for other apps on my phone to access my contacts list. But this app doesn’t have any way to view contacts.

Everything is copy and paste. It really slows my team down when making outgoing calls.

Please integrate our on-phone contacts with the app :slight_smile: