Introducing Lead Center


Product Owner: Jason Tatum

What features does Lead Center offer customers?

Lead Center is the first step in building out an extended offering of what was formerly known as Copilot. We found that there was a discoverability issue that prevented sales agents from finding Copilot within our dashboard, so it was being underutilized. Now Lead Center is standalone, so it doesn’t feel like two products are being meshed into one interface. The first step was to create UX segmentation for different user types. If we get good response, there’s a lot of further development we can do to enhance the experience.

How does Lead Center differ from Copilot?

It’s a new interface in the form of a pop-out app. We redesigned Copilot. We’re adding SMS and form details into our timeline to build into Lead Center. It will be an integrated space for you to view text and call touch points in one place. As we release the next features, it will more and more become a place where you can manage your communication with your leads within the context of call analytics. After that, we’re going to redo the way SMS works. It’ll be a much cleaner user experience, with better design and the ability to employ quick response messages much more easily and robustly. While this seems like the same thing under a different name, it’s the first step of an integrated process that will streamline the solution for agents.

How does data provided in Lead Center help sales teams close accounts?

It’s really cool when you’re live on a phone call to be able to see a customer or potential customer’s history. You can look and see in a very beautiful design the initial session that a person went through. You have a lot more context on who you’re talking to and what your experience has been. Having access to that while you’re talking to them is super cool. You can see details from their history of calls, UTM parameters that they used, the caller’s lead status and any previously assigned notes or call values.

How can someone gain access to Lead Center, and what’s the fee?

It’s available to all plans. You can click the Lead Center button within the app, to access it as a pop-out app, or if there is someone on the team who doesn’t need to view analytics within the app, they can just bookmark

How do you envision Lead Center helping users increase their sales and/or retention of customers?

Lead Center offers a focused, dedicated dashboard for interacting with leads in real-time with full context of the user journey including their forms or text messages. It has the ability to respond very quickly, without having to go to another page or another site to get data, and it’s right there with you as you’re talking with a potential customer.


What happened to the Search feature? That was something I was training our agents for. It was a cool feature.


@Richard, we decided to discontinue the search tab because Google’s API allows a very low search quota. We used up this quota early in the morning every day — so for the majority of the day, the tab would always return zero results. We’re looking into ways we can reintroduce this data, and it’s good to know that you found the concept valuable. I’m sorry that we needed to remove it.


So, now when I click on Lead Center, the only thing displayed is a small phone icon on the bottom. Anything change recently? Nothing has changed with my browser (IE version 11.0.9600.18860). I even tested sans add on with same results.

I tested another browser (Firefox based) with same result.


Hi Richard - I’m so sorry for the inconvenience. I checked with our support team, and this is a known bug that has been submitted to engineering to fix. In the meantime, using Chrome are your browser should work. Please let me know if I can help with anything else!