Internal CallRail System to Scrub/ Monitor Recycled Numbers


Every so often, we have a tracking number that receives enough irrelevant calls that we have to release the number and get a new one. This happens most frequently when we add a new tracking number to a new or existing account.

I know that this can happen because the tracking numbers are recycled. It seems that at times, numbers are released for use before call volume has entirely dropped off for whatever was using the tracking number previously. Is there an internal system that monitors call volume to recycled numbers that are being scrubbed, or does CallRail simply wait for a predetermined amount of time before releasing a recycled number for use?

It seems like a system to monitor call volume for recycled numbers to make sure that volume drops off entirely before re-releasing the number could be beneficial.



Hi @Morgan_Jarvis,

The best person to answer this is @KatieSalley but she is currently on vacation. She’ll be back next week and can give you a deeper dive into the recycled number process.

Thank you!