Integration with Google Data Studio


For the limitations with the time dimensions - does this only pertain to call trend charts, or are we also not able to see total call volume by source over a period of time? (ie, calls from paid search last month).

Also, would we be able to use phone calls within a calculated field in GDS in order to aggregate website and phone call leads?

Finally, can you pull unique calls into GDS (from the unique call report) or are first-time calls and all calls the only options?

Our agency is expanding our use of GDS as a reporting tool and an easy-to-use GDS/CallRail integration that has the capabilities mentioned above would be very helpful!


Hi Madelyn,

Is this under construction? I use CallRail and Google Data Studio for 2 clients and would love to be able to have reports with more than one “grouping” of data (reports on how many calls via source, campaign, keyword, all in one report).

When something is in “beta”, it usually means testing for the future, and it is now April 2019 - would you mind being more frank or up front about what is being worked on in this “beta” if anything, currently?

Appreciate your comment,



Hi @WarrenJ! Our Google Data Studio integration is currently live and available to customers on the Advanced plan and higher. Below is a link to a support article covering the integration.

Google Data Studio Support Article

Hopefully this helps!


Hi Yara !

Thanks for your response. We are already using CallRail in Datastudio. More specifically what I am wondering is whether there is any plans to allow us to have data in a single report from more than one grouping (keyword, campaign, source, etc.).

I was referring to the features referenced in the original post I replied to when I asked if it was “under construction”


Hello @WarrenJ !

Thanks for following up. I’m a Product Manager here at CallRail and speak on this effort.

We are currently working to make large-scale improvements to how our reports function via API, and as part of that effort, you will see gains specifically around our Google Data Studio integrations. While I can’t specify a time this will be available, I can promise it is a mid-term priority and we are looking at ways to expedite GDS enhancements before the larger API work is complete. Please stay tuned and thanks for your continued interest.


Thanks for your comments and update !


Is this an appropriate place to request additional features for GDS Connector, or should I create a new topic?

A client heavily relies on SMS, and that seems to be completely missing from the Connector ( at least so far as I can determine ).

Also, filtering on the number, we use different pools for specific purposes. Two specifically are used for follow-up communications, and really need to filter these out of the reports. If this already exists, I haven’t been able to figure out how.



I wanted to add an additional vote for getting the Google Data Studio API beefed up and hopefully very soon. From the age of this thread, it looks like this has been requested for quite some time. Without the date field, the GDS reporting is largely unusable. GDS capability was one of the main features in our vetting process for CallRail. Hopefully this can get finished quickly?!