Integrate CallRail with LiveChatInc


Hello everyone! I’m trying to find some folks with experience working with the CallRail API.

We’re looking to push data into CallRail, from live chats that occur in another system–LiveChatInc. So we can basically start using CallRail as our entire CRM. Does anyone have a good referral?




Hi @tony-cys, as of right now there wont be a great way to push data into CallRail. Our API is really designed to just push CallRail information out to other platforms or CRMs.

Even though we do have some similar functions as a CRM, we don’t typically recommend using us as one since we wouldn’t have all the same functionality.

I would definitely recommend checking around some of the other threads to see if other users have any recommendations for CRMs.

Hopefully this helps!


Thanks @Yara . Think we might be able to get tricky and try posting data from a chat as a form fill on the site, and pick it up that way?


I personally haven’t seen that done before, but I think it’s definitely worth a shot to test out!