Include stats on Tracking page so it's easy to see winning numbers


It would be great to be able to see the relative performance of different phone numbers using some kind of metric, directly on the tracking page so that it is easy to see the outperforming phone numbers (and since they are usually associated with marketing campaigns, which campaigns are the most successful).

Probably best to be able to filter by tag so that you can see the conversion rate of the tag for the campaign as opposed to the number of calls with the tag, since different campaigns would have run for different periods and call volume would be misleading.

You’d then need to be able to sort phone numbers (on the tracking page still), by the top performing conversion rate.

So, for example, we’d want to see which numbers (associated with specific campaigns), convert at the highest rate to clients (we have a tag called converted to client).

Thanks for considering this feature request



If you’re looking to compare tracking numbers against one another, our Calls by Number report in Custom Reports is a really great way to do so. We offer 10 metrics plus tags as metrics where you can sort and compare the performance of those numbers against each other. With Custom Reports, you are also able to save the report, so you can return to it in the exact state you want to see it in.

You can check it out in the Reports section of CallRail under Custom on the left navigation. Here is the support article as well:

Let me know if you have any questions!