In this new version of the API... V3... can I change the destinations numbers in a call flow?.. using the API?... I mean in the Simulcall... In other words... the FORWARD CALLS TO


In this new version of the API… V3… can I change the destinations numbers in a call flow?.. using the API?.. I mean in the Simulcall… In other words… the FORWARD CALLS TO


Hi @webuyyourhouse, you can update destination numbers via the API. At this time, only basic call flows can be created or updated through the API. Advanced call flows can only be configured or updated through the CallRail application interface.

A basic call flow may play either a text or recorded greeting before routing the call to the destination number. An advanced call flow may have multiple steps including menus, time of day based routing, voicemail, or more. To find out which kind of call flows your trackers are using, you can make a call to the Listing All Trackers endpoint:

If the call flow you want to update is a basic one, you can update it via the Updating a Session Tracker endpoint:
or the Updating a Source tracker endpoint:
(depending on the number(s) using this call flow).

Our API documents also have a section on configuring call flows that you might find helpful:

Please let me know if you have any other questions & thanks for being a member of the CallRail Community!