Improved Hubspot Integration


I REALLY want to start pushing your toolset to our HubSpot clients as a sales tool and not just a marketing tool. This is problematic because it is really NOT a good sales tool when used with HubSpot. IT results in duplicate work and usually duplicate contacts.

There are two sides to this problem:
#1. The Data is Sent to Late.
2# Not Enough Data is Sent.

The Data Is Sent To Late.
The call data sent is after the call is over. If I am a sales rep taking notes in my CRM (HubSpot) I will be creating the record while I am on the phone. This will result in the record I am creating on the phone and the caller record CallRail will send over after the phone call ends. Best case here is someone merges the contact records after the fact. This is very, very tedious work if you have ever had to do it.

Not Enough Data is Sent.
A workable solution would be if the note information in the CallRail dashboard was also sent to HubSpot (See attached image). This would allow the sales rep work out of the CallRail Lead Center, add notes and information and that data would be send over to HubSpot in the new contact record.

On another Noteā€¦ you really need to have the option for form submissions show up in the Lead Center as well.