Improved cell phone app


The cell phone app REALLY needs work. Its s almost unusable in the current state. Trying to make phone calls and texts is Not user friendly at all.

There needs to be an “ergonomic” review of the app where people actually TRY TO USE IT IN REAL LIFE. If your team was forced to use the cell phone app for 1 week, I imagine you would have a huge list of future improvements.

This is my biggest complaint with the call rail service. If you want to bench mark off how it should work? Try to imitate WhattsApp or something like that. Even something 1/2 as good as WhattsApp interface and usability would be 100% times as good as the current call rail app.
Please take this to heart. Have your own team use it. Then what would they fix? I also created a previous post with more specifics.


Hi Matthew - Thank you for these great suggestions. We take all feedback seriously, and our product team is evaluating each of these suggestions (from your previous post). While I don’t have an exact timeline to provide now, we will update you on when these improvements can be made. Thanks again!


Quick update: Our Director of Product, @bryan has jumped in to clarify a few things that may help with several of the requests you’ve brought up regarding the app. Please see his post here.