Implement a Direct Line to an Agent but still Route Calls through CallRail


The CallRail Agents feature is a great way to route calls to specific team members, even when those team members have multiple telephone numbers from which they take calls. You can use agents in simulcalls, round robin, or geo-routing steps within call flows to get customers and prospects in the hands of the right person, every time.

But what about if your team members have direct lines where customers can reach them directly? This is a common scenario, and it makes sense to track calls to direct lines if you want to record these calls for quality assurance and training purposes or report on total call volume for your agents.

Step One: Activate Agents

First, be sure that each of your team members answering phone lines have a CallRail login. They will need to have access as a Reporting, Manager, or Administrator user; Agent settings are not available for Notifications users.

Next, have each of these team members log in to their CallRail account and activate agent settings from the personal profile screen. For more information, follow the steps in this support article.

Once a team member’s agent settings are activated, they will have access to update the phone number their calls are routed to without contacting an administrator.

Step Two: Create a New Tracking Number for Each Agent

To begin tracking direct lines, you will need to follow the steps for creating an offline tracking number for each of your team members. When selecting a destination number during the number creation, choose the team member’s current direct line to begin (we’ll be updating that in another step). We also recommend giving these numbers names such as “Yogi Bear Direct Line” or “Boo Boo Bear - Direct”.

These new tracking numbers should be what your team members use on business cards and in email signatures; treat these CallRail tracking numbers as if they are the only numbers your team members can be accessed at in order to start properly tracking all direct calls.

Step Three: Create a New Call Flow for Each Agent

Next, you will need to create a new call flow for each of your agents. Once again, we recommend naming these call flows something like “Yogi Bear Direct Line”.

Your call flows will need to be setup in the following manner:

  1. For the first step, select Dial.
  2. Within the Dial step, select the Number drop-down and choose Agent.

  1. Select the Agent from the drop-down that this specific call flow will be for.

After the first Dial step, you can then set up each call flow however you’d like. Perhaps you’d like to send all unanswered calls to a voicemail step, or another popular option is to have unanswered calls ring your support or sales team simulcall. The possibilities are endless!

Step Four: Assign the Call Flows

Finally, once all of the direct line tracking numbers and call flows have been created we will need to assign them accordingly. The quickest way to do so is:

  1. Navigate to the Numbers section.
  2. Within the Destination column, select the arrow that opens up the destination number menu.
  3. Select the corresponding call flow that goes with each agent’s number.

That’s it! You will now be able to listen to phone calls to your agent’s direct lines for reporting purposes, or filter calls and reports based on an agent’s total call volume.