I'm Not A CallRail Customer - But I Want To Be. How Do I Get Buy In?


Hi, I’m new to the CallRail community and I thought this would be a good place to ask this question. I work at an agency and have about 10-12 clients that would really benefit from the additional insight that CallRail would provide.

All of my AdWords clients use the Google call tracking and it is… well ok. But I know that we (our agency) could provide MORE value from the enhanced metrics that CallRail provides. This, in turn, would show our clients a more holistic approach to all of our marketing efforts and round and round we go…

So, as an agency marketer how do I get the buy-in? I know I need it from my account managers to ‘sell’ it to the client… that I have. We need to price it effectively as I don’t want to eat the cost of the service. The client needs to be paying (or contributing) for this in some way either a) as part of a retainer, or b) as a line item. (If others have a better way of doing this I am all ears).

Any advice/guidance on getting an agency going with CallRail would be super helpful!



Hi @Joe - We’re glad you’re here! Thanks for taking the time to ask about this. I’m going to check in with our sales team who regularly work with agencies in your position, but in the meantime, I’m going to loop in a few of our customers who are killing it for their clients with CallRail. @alancaster, @jcolvin, @AdamArkfeld, @jefflogan, @danaditomaso & @paulhanney - do you have any ideas from your own experience that could help Joe out?


Hi @Joe! We actually don’t charge clients for CallRail – we encourage them to get their own accounts and pay for it separately. We have agency access and set up the integration as well as use the Google Data Studio connector for reporting.

For many of our clients, we train them on how to continue this work themselves in-house so we don’t have retainers or ongoing billing. So that might not be helpful for your situation, unfortunately!



Hey @Joe, we use CallRail for every PPC client we work with and that’s all our agency does. For us, it’s a fairly nominal cost to just include it in the client’s retainer. It’s usually a few bucks a month for the numbers and then extra for the minutes. If it’s a high volume client, we have them set up their own account because that can get costly (although now there are client billing features that’d probably make it easier and cheaper than setting up their own account.

The benefits to CallRail over AdWords are night and day.

  • Tracking calls by source
  • Listening to recordings
  • Improving customer service by listening to calls
  • Attributing calls to clicks (needs a keyword pool)

Honestly, I wouldn’t even take on a client that didn’t allow us to use call tracking. For many of our clients, it accounts for a huge number of leads and I want visibility into that as a performance marketer.

Hope that helps.


Hi @Joe, great question.

We use CallRail for every client, it’s just part of our offering and it’s what we use to determine the ROI from Adwords, Facebook Ads and Email Marketing campaigns. Without it… we would be guessing what’s working and what’s not.

We also build the fee into our retainer. And I feel you have sort of answered it in what you said, you can provide your clients with more value. That’s why they’re working with you isn’t it, to get more value than working with another agency. If you can show them how an extra % or sum of money on their retainer will help improve ROI, conversions rates on calls, tracking accuracy… the list goes on.

In my previous agency we charged the clients for call tracking separately. The challenge I found was some clients would go over some months, some under other months and trying to keep track of that from an admin side of things was a nightmare.

You could charge a set fee and be wearing the cost some months and be profiting others. You could charge the client direct but I personally think that’s a pain for the client, they want simplicity!

My preference though is I find bundling it all into the one retainer is the easiest way from an admin perspective… but also the clients see this as part of your offering and it truly does deliver a ton more value.

Feel free to reach out if you want anymore info… but my parting statement is without CallRail all our agency marketing would be rendered guesswork at best. This has enabled us to measure ROI… and even more importantly improve with the data from CallRail.


Thank you to everyone who has replied. This is really helpful… however, it has created more questions. So, how do I answer this one? @paulhanney @danaditomaso

When I go to my finance manager and say: “I’m buying this new tool for our business to track conversions for our customers so we can show a better ROI on their engagement with us.” and she responds “Ok, why aren’t we listing this as a line item under our monthly ‘tools’ budget?” I reply: “When they signed on we didn’t have this tool option and we want to add it now. Increasing the retainer for a tracking tool won’t really fly with customer XYZ but we’ll know more and it will help us grow the engagement in the long run.” She says “Ok, so how do we track the ROI for us?”

How do I answer her? My gut says it should be pretty easy to do as we track the life of the customer engagment but I want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

The other question is… and it could be a separate topic. How do I get a local brand to buy into having a different phone number on their website? How do I answer the question “Won’t it confuse people to see a different number?”

I have a new engagement starting soon and I have said I will not take it on w/out CallRail. So, I’ll be starting up soon! And probably have more questions!!!



Hi again @Joe! I’ll let Dana and Paul jump back in to give some insight on your first question. As far as how to talk to local companies about dynamic number insertion - this is a concern we’ve definitely heard about, but I can assure you it’s less of an issue than you think and there are multiple ways CallRail combats this. First off, once a visitor comes to your site we dynamically swap the number and we cookie the visitor. Therefore, that web visitor will see the same phone number every time they come to the site regardless of how they got there. We set a minimum cookie duration of 1 year, and that is completely customizable. In the same vein, even if someone writes down or saves a phone number we will always route those calls to your business because you own the phone numbers, so that shouldn’t be an issue - some providers (like Google) actually swap multiple numbers for multiple businesses which is why this causes problems, but with CallRail we only use your numbers where you tell us to. I hope this helps!


Hi @Joe , I just saw your post so sorry this is a little delayed. This is how it works at my agency.

Client comes to us and says, “Hey, how’s everything going?” We can say one of two things.

  1. Us: “It’s going great. We’ve received 50 form submissions and your cost per lead is $25. You also got a bunch of phone calls, but we don’t use call tracking. How did those turn out?” Client: “Oh, well, we’ve gotten some calls that closed but nothing above average. $25 per lead is sort of high. Are you sure this is the right route?”

  2. Us: “It’s going great. We’ve received 50 form submissions and 20 phone calls for a cost per lead of $18. Also, did you know that you’ve missed 15 of the last 20 calls? You’re paying for those leads! Also, your call center said you don’t offer this service but you obviously do.” Client: “OMG mate. We missed 15 of 20 calls? That’s bonkers! Also, I fired that call center because of all the feedback you gave me. I think I love you. Want to get married?”

CallRail transforms lives.

But also, yes, client retention is massively better with CallRail because you have more #2s than #1s. Hopefully even just ONE month of extended client retention pays the $50 or whatever for CallRail. Two months or more and you’re in easy money land.


Hi Joe,

Great question.

Inbound calls are often the blindspot for businesses, even though they’re the usually the most valuable conversion type; think about it-- page views are great, but if someone view your page and then makes a call, they’re likely ready to buy or need help immediately.

With this premise established, move on to how tracking the channels leading to these calls will help you prioritize your client’s ad spend to drive even more of them.

Specific to Adwords clients- bidding on keywords leading to page views is great. Bidding on keywords driving calls is even better. At CallRail, we offer a unique feature that takes this one step further:

Callscore is our free, CallRail created machine learning algorithm that serves one function: to score a call as a lead, or not.

This is HUGE for your clients. You can use our out of the box keyword report to see the keyword that led to the call, and then filter by lead status.

This means you can bid on the keywords not just driving calls, but calls that are good leads. In one instance, this helped a dental agency increase the number of appointments to a client by 530% just with PPC and Callscore.

The best way to get buy in depends on the specific client, their vertical, the campaigns you’re running for them, and their desired results-- for the sake of brevity, I’ve just mentioned one main benefit to Adwords clients.

If you would like to discuss this further or need additional infromation, feel free to reach out to me directly at Nick.Jackson@callrail.com or call me at 770.615.2722.


Nick Jackson
Outbound Account Executive