If you’ve thought about using Account Center or are using it, you’re going to love this! [Account Center Enhancements]


Hi everyone!

I’m having a great Monday and I’m hoping you are too! I’m excited to bring you some great news (especially for agencies).

You all know of Account Center, it’s our solution to help Marketing Agencies easily access client accounts. The feature you love just got better. Our product team has worked diligently to create enhancements that will provide increased value to your everyday tracking.

What are the enhancements?

Improved Slack Notifications

We’ve made our current Slack integration even better! Not only are you able to receive notifications about calls and texts, but you’re now able to set up notifications for things like failed integrations or even account anomalies.

Simplified Client Management

Long gone are the days of needing multiple logins for multiple client accounts. Thanks to our new single-user interface, you now have the ability to access all accounts under one master email and still have the flexibility to choose different plans for each account based on the client’s needs.

If you’re currently using Account Center and haven’t taken a look at these improvements yet, I’d highly suggest checking it out! Not only do the enhancements help you manage your clients more efficiently, but you’ll also have better visibility into everything going on between them all.

We want your feedback! With the new enhancements, did we make multi-client account management easier, or are there other improvements that would help your workflow?

For a deeper dive on setting up Account Center and the new enhancements, take a look at the links below.

Slack Notifications - Support Article

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My agency is currently switching over to Account Center. It is simplifying our invoicing process and reducing our reliance on call volume forecasting.

I love the idea of notifications for failed integrations and account anomolies. Is there the potential to extend this to email?


Hi @Morgan_Jarvis,

Great to hear that Account Center is making your life easier! We haven’t looked at email notifications for anomalies and alerts at this time. Would love to hear if Slack isn’t the right place for you because Slack is already too noisy or because you don’t have full Slack adoption at your agency? Or something else?

Thanks for all your feedback! It’s incredibly beneficial.


Hi Christina - we currently do not use slack at all actually.

Thank you!