Hubspot Phone Number Syncing with different # formats


Hi !

It looks like Callrail won’t sync a call activity to an existing contact timeline in hubspot unless the phone number is matched exactly - whereas we have some contacts in our CRM that have phone numbers formatted like this, for example: (123) 456-7890

Callrail wouldn’t see that as a match (or so it seems), unless its formatted precisely: 123-456-7890

Is there a way to make it see this and match it?



Hi @WarrenJ - thanks for reaching out! The HubSpot integration should be working in the way you are describing. I’d be happy to help figure out why it’s not and see how we can get it working correctly. Can you please submit a support ticket so we can get more details? It would be helpful to include a few examples of Contacts in HubSpot and the calls in CallRail that should have matched, but didn’t. Screenshots of what you are seeing in HubSpot would be ideal if you can provide them. I’ll make the support team aware, and I’ll follow along to see that we get this fixed.

Thank you!