How Whitehardt uses CallRail to lead the charge into digital advertising in the legal / attorney space


Interview with Will Fox, Director of Digital Marketing at Whitehardt

What does Whitehardt do?

“Whitehardt is a full-service broadcast and digital media agency specializing in legal marketing and consulting for law firms. Since 2002, we have provided proven, comprehensive attorney advertising strategies across all media. Our services include broadcast TV and digital video production, local and national media buying, digital marketing, call center operations, and law practice management consulting.”

Why did your company need a call tracking solution, and why did you choose CallRail?

"CallRail has been a crucial part of helping us become much more sophisticated around the tracking of our different platforms, whether that’s social media or AdWords. We now leverage different phone numbers from Google’s Ad Extensions, and are using a pool of numbers on our landing page for keyword attribution. And we’re also using a separate pool of numbers on the organic search side, so we can compartmentalize and gain as clear attribution as possible.

“That is the goal of using CallRail, and I think your product has continued to iterate and take into account things like the most recent AdWords click-to-call integration. It’s these kinds of forward-thinking and platform-specific improvements that we really value.”

What other features are you currently using?

"We have begun leveraging your API for some internal dashboarding, where we are combining our form submission and chat submission data with the call-tracking data we pull from CallRail. This is becoming extremely useful in helping us determine things like cost-per-lead, so we can see the full results of the ad dollars we spend.

“And in the Digital department, the AdWords integration has given us insights that lead to more sales, and demonstrate clear ROI. We’ve been able to both gain clients and increase our ad budgets thanks to the transparency and insight CallRail provides, instead of the traditionally murky reporting around call data.”

How are you analyzing data from CallRail and sharing it with your team?

"Every month, we send over a CSV export from CallRail of the new call leads that were generated. Our clients can then do an audit of the leads we’re providing and match that to their CallerID data, so they can align these leads with the new clients they’ve signed. With this, they can determine their cost-per-case, thanks to the call data provided by CallRail.

*Whitehardt was asked to share their story with the Community