How to view Landing Page from SMS


I need to be able to see the landing page that a user is texting us from.

Here is an example URL:

Our users will text us from a page like this asking a question about this vehicle and they expect us to know which vehicle they are texting about.

How can we see this information?


Hey jamesscaggs,

Showing this information in multiple places is currently on the roadmap but I can’t give you a timeline at this point. Do you use Lead Center to manage these text messages? Where would it be most useful to see this information?


Hi Jarrett,

Yes we use lead center to manage the texts. That would be the most actionable place to see it.

We also use the iOS app. I know much work doesn’t get done on the app so if you could start including the landing page of the text message in the email notification that would suffice for our support team to check their email on mobile and use that as a reference while they are texting with the customers through the app.