How to use SMS for outbound messaging


When to Use SMS?

Direct SMS messaging is a winner when it comes to interacting with new leads and retaining loyal customers. Having a messaging system in place lets you respond instantly to your customers and prospects, and provides insights you just won’t get from call and email tracking alone. In today’s mobile-dominated world, real-time responses can make the difference between a conversion and having the lead drop out of your sales funnel.

If you’re looking to add SMS to your existing call tracking setup, you can track your SMS conversations under one centralized dashboard in CallRail. And if you’ve already got a tracking number set up with CallRail you can start sending SMS conversations right away.

How to Get Started
To get started, just click the lightning-bolt icon in the top-left of the CallRail dashboard and choose the company from which you want to send an SMS. Voila – you’re ready to whip up an outbound message!

You can monitor real-time performance analytics for your texts in the CallRail dashboard, giving you a big-picture view of where your customers are located and how they discovered you, alongside records of any prior interactions. Custom email alerts can also be set so you’ll be immediately clued in whenever someone responds to your texts.

Outbound SMS has some useful applications besides marketing too – if your day-to-day involves managing reservations or scheduling, then text messaging lets customers quickly and easily confirm an appointment. No worries about privacy or security either, because your customers will only see your unique tracking number as the source when they receive a text from you.

Have you discovered a cool or unexpectedly useful way to use outbound SMS, or do you have questions about how this feature works? Let us know, we’re always here to help.



Are there any plans to increase the functionality of the texting platform? I would like to see the ability to forward texts and/or the ability for texts to automatically be forwarded to the destination number.

I currently have renter calls being forwarded to my agent, but I have to manually copy and paste each renter txt into an email and send to my agent.



Hi @atulino! Thanks for sharing your request for this feature. Unfortunately, it’s not on our roadmap due to some technological limitations in this area. That being said, you can take advantage of some of the following workarounds:

A) Turn on email notifications for texts, so that way the texts are automatically forwarded to each agent via email so they can stop doing it manually

B) Have agents download the mobile app, so they can receive push notifications for text messages to their numbers as well as respond to texts directly on their phones

To utilize either of these methods, you need your agents to be CallRail users. It doesn’t matter if they’re notification only or reporting users, so you can set it to your preference there.

Please let me know if this helps!


That helps a lot, thanks!