How to track calls for a new location


We are starting a new location for our business. We are not sure how to track calls for this new location. Our question is about how to best set-up the website for this new location so we can track where the calls are coming from. Should we set-up the home page for the new location as a sub-page of our existing website (ex: OR as it’s own domain (ex: Which one is better for implementing CallRail DNI? Thanks for any feedback.


@kamran Thank you for your question. This question is very popular with our franchise customers. CallRail Keyword Pools can work with either setup you prefer but many of our customers prefer to have locations as individual pages on the main website. With this setup, we can enable multiple keyword pools so the Palo Alto location will have it’s own keyword pool. Each pool will have an individual swap target which is likely the destination number for the given location so the pools will operate independently of one another. The support document below will further outline using keyword tracking for multiple locations. To enable this feature feel free to reach out to our Support team and we can get this configured quickly for you.

Keyword Tracking for Multiple Locations

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Ben Francis


Hi Ben, Thanks for your feedback. When you say “many of our customers prefer to have locations as individual pages on the main website”, do you mean like this:


@kamran You are completely correct. Many of our franchise customers prefer to have each location set up as individual pages within a single domain just like the example you provided ( Thank you for the great questions.