How to Set Up Keyword Pools and Install Keyword Parameters


If you’re looking for a way to track which keywords drive multiple callers to your business, Keyword level call tracking is perfect for you. It allows you to correlate calls back to website visitors so you’ll be able to see the callers full path, before and after they pick up the phone and call your business.

Attribution with keyword call tracking allows you track PPC, organic, and ad sources, allowing you to focus your ad spend and content on what keywords are actually driving visitors to your site and driving calls to your business.

Sounds like a win-win right? Perfect - here’s how to set it up including installing keyword parameters for your campaigns.

Set Up Your Keyword Pools

Even if you run campaigns with thousands of keywords, you don’t need thousands of call tracking numbers. Since CallRail only assigns phone numbers to active visitors you just need enough numbers to cover the amount of concurrent visitors during peak hourly traffic on your website. We recommend creating a pool that is a quarter of the peak hourly traffic reported in Google Analytics - For example, if you have 100 visitors in an hour, a 25 number pool should be sufficient.

Once you know how many numbers you’ll need - keyword call tracking is simple to implement. You just add one snippet of Java code to your site. You can view a quick “how to” on installing the code,

Install Keyword Parameters

You can use Keyword Parameters with your paid ads to view which keywords are driving conversions. These parameters are tags you add to the end of a URL so that so you can view keywords in your CallRail dashboard.

For AdWords, you’ll add the following parameter to your final URLs:

↳ “keyword={keyword}”

You’ll write the word “{keyword}” within the brackets. Google will automatically substitute it with the actual keyword when sending a visitor to your website.

If you prefer to use Google’s instructions, you can follow Google’s help article.

Here are two additional guides on adding parameters to your Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

View this article to learn more about setting up keyword pools and parameters.

Get started with Keyword Level Call Tracking, here.