How Springstone uses call analytics to track campaigns for behavioral health facilities


Interview with Jay Lane, Director of Marketing & Digital Strategy, Springstone, Inc.

What does Springstone do? What role do you play in the company?
At Springstone we build and operate behavioral health facilities. We help people that are battling mental health and addiction. As of today, we operate 12 hospitals and five clinics. We’re going to open two more hospitals this year, and open more clinics in the same markets.

I serve as Director of Marketing. I support the hospitals and our business development teams and help them create marketing materials from brochures to collateral type resources. I also handle the day-to-day digital marketing. That includes managing our hospitals’ websites, PPC, social media, local SEO and tracking metrics.

Typically my work is all end-consumer focused. When someone is looking for help, we’re trying to match them with the right services. Behavioral health is a challenge because we never want to come across as predatory to someone who needs support; we genuinely want to help people in the community. So we’re not able to do a lot of things other companies do. We are HIPAA compliant, but we haven’t done call recording yet, because of the sensitivity of the calls. We want to make sure our clients know we take their privacy seriously.

When did Springstone start using CallRail?
I started with Springstone in May of last year, and we did a two week test with CallRail with one of our hospitals. After we did the trial we brought on a few more hospitals and gradually added more until we got up to running it for all of our hospitals. I had never been responsible for setting up call tracking, so it’s been a journey with that, but I’m a huge advocate for this community forum because there are questions I have and things I’d like to know that I would like to talk with other customers about. My hope would be that I can find companies like me to interact with about best practices and questions. If I have a question I can go out and ask it, but also offer my own insight from things I’ve learned setting CallRail up myself. We’ve been using it for eight months now. I’ve set up each of our 12 hospitals with their own company in CallRail.

What drove you to look for a call tracking solution?
When I got here we were working with an agency who was using Google call forwarding. That’s somewhat limiting because it’s only for Google AdWords. I came from Humana and we used call tracking there, which is where I became aware of it. I had also previously created a Google Voice account and made my own rudimentary call tracking when I was consulting, but I had never set up call tracking with a service like CallRail before.

Here at Springstone, calling is our primary call to action. Most people call in at some point. I wanted to know where our calls were coming from, so that’s what started me down that path. It wasn’t something I had done before, but I knew it existed and that it would add value here.

How do you utilize CallRail in your day-to-day work?
PPC campaigns are the main thing we do from a marketing perspective. I wanted to have a way to track those calls and keywords. I also wanted a way to do a dashboard so I could report out to all of our hospitals. So mainly I’ve been using it to see if campaigns work. A lot of our hospitals have media reps reaching out to them to do local campaigns, and with CallRail, I can go in and see if those work. I create landing pages and can use tracking numbers to see if those campaigns are driving calls. I keep a spreadsheet of all my hospitals and track digital efforts including website traffic and social media, and have developed a dashboard where the hospitals can view how they’re doing. I pull the PPC report for the hospitals from CallRail.

What features have you implemented since starting with CallRail?
We’re using the Google AdWords integration. We pull data from CallRail, some from Google Analytics and some from AdWords. We mainly just track calls and are using DNI for campaigns and landing pages. We’ve also created vanity URLs that connected to a landing page with a tracking numbers for various print and radio campaigns.

How has using CallRail changed/improved the way you market your services?
The main advantage is has provided is showing us how people call one of our numbers. We can look and see specifically how many calls a campaign drove. Prior to using CallRail, we could see how much we spent and how many calls came in, but we couldn’t get much deeper than that. It’s been nice to be able to show when something works or doesn’t work. We rely on a lot of word of mouth metrics in our business, but it’s great to have data revealing when something gives a return on investment and it becomes more than just guessing and making assumptions. I’m trying to take the sophistication of our reporting to the next level.

*Springstone was asked to share their story with the Community