How Recovery Brands uses CallRail's API to enhance CRM


Interview with Daniel Bower, Business Intelligence Analyst, Recovery Brands

Talk a little bit about what Recovery Brands does. What is your role at the company?

Recovery Brands owns and operates websites, such as and, to help individuals and families find treatment for substance use or behavioral disorders. Our sites are equipped with comprehensive treatment center directories, facility ratings and reviews, forums, professional communities, and more so consumers can more efficiently compare and select the treatment options that best meet their personal recovery needs. As part of this, we also help treatment facilities nationwide to increase their online presence through our product ClientReach.

I’m the Business Intelligence Analyst at Recovery Brands. As part of my role, I work across various teams and departments to understand what information site visitors are finding most useful on our sites and evaluate how we can improve. CallRail is one of the primary tools we use in the cross-departmental collaboration.

When did Recovery Brands start using CallRail?

In March of 2016, so about a year.

What drove you to look for a call tracking solution, and why did you choose CallRail?

It’s important to us that we know how our consumers are finding the most benefit and value from our sites, and one way to do this is to understand who and where they are calling for help. For example, if we notice that many people are calling facilities specializing in opioid treatment, that may indicate to us that we should focus on providing some additional, helpful content on opioid treatment. Not only that, but we need to give our ClientReach customers clear visibility into how many individuals are engaging with their facility listing on our site.

We had received a prior recommendation for CallRail, so when we spoke with your team to explore the solution in more depth, we were already expecting a positive experience. Sure enough, that’s exactly what we found - everything from your customer service to product flexibility seemed to surpass other options. Most importantly, we were sold on the integrity of your business as that’s a critical area of concern for us given the sensitive nature of the addiction treatment industry.

What CallRail features are you currently utilizing?

We primarily use dynamic number insertion and ringpools. As I mentioned previously, it’s important for us to understand what information our site visitors find most compelling, and calls to facilities give us some great insight into this. At the same time, we also strive to understand how consumers are finding our sites in the first place. The unique numbers we’re able to utilize via CallRail help us analyze these important consumer behavior metrics and constantly improve our offerings.

You’ve done some custom work with the API. How do you use the raw data from that, specifically in regards to your CRM?

The CRM use case has certainly been the most valuable application we’ve seen from the CallRail API as it’s enhanced the reporting we’re able to deliver our clients. The API easily interfaces with our newly-developed client management portal allowing our clients to access their campaign information in real time. This provides increased transparency and clarity, which has been invaluable as we build trusted relationships with our clients.

How has CallRail changed/improved the way you market your services?

In a nutshell, CallRail truly allows our business to be flexible for both our treatment facility clients as well as the larger consumer base we serve via our sites. The technology and automation that CallRail provides affords us the opportunity to rapidly respond to behavioral trends and ultimately, provide a better end solution for all of our key stakeholders.

*Recovery Brands was asked to share their story with the Community