How do you report on campaign-related call activity?


I’ve been using CallRail for almost 18 months now and have struggled somewhat to accurately track and attribute call activity back to campaigns (primarily Google Adwords) for our multi-location business.

I’ve tried using conversions in Google Adwords and also creating certain phone numbers for each campaign (for example, creating a special call extension and a landing page phone number for each Adwords campaign). The data seems good but it’s pretty time-consuming to pull the data manually for 14 different locations.

Maybe using Google’s Data Studio is the way to go? I’m curious what others are doing. Thanks in advance for your help/advice/feedback!


Hi @jaylane - Thanks for posting your question! I’d be interested to hear from some of those who upvoted the feature request for our Google Data Studio integration. How is it helping you pull and present data? I’d love to get thoughts from @will, @Stefano, @corey, @danaditomaso, and @rwatkins!


Thank you, @kate! I know I’m not the only one running campaigns and creating reporting for multiple locations. We’re struggling to keep up with the reporting across the board. I’m definitely interested in automating anything I can.


Hi @jaylane! We’ve been trying to look into a solution that could help you out more with this. I’m looping in @fiona from our customer success team. She wants to confirm a couple of things with you regarding how you have AdWords set up, and then has a few ideas for you to try. Fiona, I’ll let you take it from here!


Hi @jaylane - I took a look at your account setup and can confirm you are set up optimally for multiple locations by having a separate sub-account in AdWords for each location, enabling 1:1 data connection. In order to save time in the future, we do recommend using our new Google Data Studio integration. This requires some initial setup on your end to pull in the data points you would like to see in the final report, but then you will be able to automate and save that manual labor after that. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!