How Cardinal uses CallRail to Ignite Client Growth


Name & Title: Alex Membrillo, CEO

Company Name: Cardinal Digital Marketing

Talk a little bit about what your business does. What is your role at the company?
I started the agency and provide the vision & strategic oversight to make sure everything we do aligns with where we want to take Cardinal in the future.

When did you start using CallRail?
We started using CallRail about 2 years ago, and after having been run through the mill of call tracking solutions, we were DELIGHTED to see how well CallRail works to help us ignite client growth.

What drove you to look for a call tracking solution, and why did you choose CallRail?
Our clients need to know exactly how many leads we are driving them and email lead form data is often only 50% of the equation, thus prompting us to look for a call tracking solutions. We chose CallRail because the platform is heads & tails above the rest.

What CallRail features are you currently using?
We use a ton of features but the biggest ones for us include Dynamic Number Insertion and Keyword Level Tracking.

How are you analyzing the data you receive from CallRail and sharing it with your team?
Every month we analyze the calls with our clients and review ways we can improve the campaigns we are running.

How has CallRail changed/improved the way you market your product/services?
We now have so many more clients that are not only growing, but for whom we are able to prove growth. We started as an Atlanta SEO company but have grown in our search engine marketing capabilities, so it’s vital that we have data at every level available for our clients!

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