Hold Music for Call Queue


I am wanting to start using the softphone feature for some clients but the problem is there is no hold music for the queue which ends up making me use CTM for an all inclusive option. Please please hook up a hold music option so I can start using Call Rail for everything.


Hi @jdaniele,

Thanks for the feature request. I wanted to get some clarification on this request. Are you looking for music while the customer waits on hold, or are you looking for music that plays while the customer is waiting for the phone to be answered?

Thanks for being a member of Community and a CallRail customer!


Hi Christina. Thank you for the reply. I’m looking for music to play to callers when they are waiting to connect to an agent. Or even an option to insert my own music and message to loop until they connect.


Hi @jdaniele,

The Product team met to discuss this request and we see a lot of value in offering this. We don’t have a timeline yet but I’ll be sure to keep you posted as we evaluate when this feature could be added to the roadmap.

Thank you!


That’s awesome. Hope to see it in the near future. Thanks!