Hide/Unhide Accounts


Hi, we listen to our clients phone calls to determine what are leads and what are not… but only when they pay for the service.

When they don’t pay for the service, we don’t listen to the calls, although we would still like to receive them through the tracking numbers and have the tags assigned to the callers (Press 1 for new customer, Press 2 for existing customer, etc.)

Is it possible… or can it be possible… to hide or unhide accounts from showing up in the master call log.

That way our phone people can go through the Master call list and determine what are leads and what aren’t… but only for paying, active clients.

If the client isn’t active… their calls won’t show up in the master call log… but they will show up on their business page call log only if their business is selected.

Right now, the only way I could think of it is to filter accounts. But filters only allow you to pick which accounts to show, not which accounts to NOT show. We have a HUGE list of clients. It would take some time to select all and leave off the inactive clients. Hence my request.

Would this be a feature that would be possible to be added?




Hi @rpmnational!

Thanks for being a member of our community! It sounds like you can achieve a similar desired result by creating a filter for the Call Log, and save it, then you can apply the filter without having to re-configure it each time. https://support.callrail.com/hc/en-us/articles/206442985

Hope this helps! Thanks for being a CallRail customer!