Help: Need to use the same number in call rail and in a mass text service


I am trying to find out if it is possible to use a call rail number I have as a number for a separate texting service I use, without disabling the number on call rail. Basically I want to be able to text a large list of people, and I want the followup phone call to come from the same number, but I want those calls tracked in call rail. Does anybody know how to do this, or know of any apps that can be easily integrated into call rail to achieve this?


Hi @josh092 , when you talk about wanting to follow up with a phone call, would it be a manual dial? Or are you looking for more of a mass calling feature?

If you want to do just manual follow up calls from the tracking number, the outbound dialing feature in lead center can provide just that.

As for the texting portion, how does that look with what you’re currently using for mass texts? Is there an option to customize the “sent from” number? If there is, to what extent?