HELP - How to build complex IVR solutions in CallRail?


I am currently looking to migrate from PlumVoice (a very flexible IVR solution) to CallRail. The current problem I don’t have a solution for one that I am sure other users have figured out.

How do you provide an IVR solution for a National phone number (e.g., national customer service) which allows users, using an IVR to route to the proper local customer service phone number. This is easy if you only have a few local phone numbers for the customer to choose from. In our case we have 27 numbers, that is just to much for a old school “press 1 for aaaaa”.

Our current solution allows them to enter the abbreviation (e.g., enter GA for Georgia) into the phone and the IVR sends them to the proper local customer service center.

Thanks in advance, Ian


Hey Ian,

We have reps who own state-specific territories. When we switched to CallRail I created a Call Flow (under the numbers section) so that the area code of an incoming call would determine who it was routed to. I did this for 14 reps, and one catch all for callers whose area codes were not yet captured and routed in the system.

This would take away the need for the caller to enter data to be routed, and the transfer time for the system to identify the area code and send it to the correct rep is very very short, which was important. I have had zero problems, and my account manager helped me add area codes in bulk to make the creation of the call flow faster.