Healthcare client looking for CRM to work with CallRail


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I’m trying to setup a healthcare client of mine with call tracking and a CRM. My hope was to avoid Salesforce. Almost all CRMs I’d reached out to were not HIPPA-compliant and weren’t willing to sign a BAA. I found eventually that Zoho CRM would sign a BAA !!

I’d not used Zapier previously, but knew that it was capable of getting calls tracked in CallRail to create new leads in Zoho.

Unfortunately, it turns out Zapier itself isn’t HIPAA-complient or willing sign a BAA and CallRail is denying them access.

Can anyone offer some insights or suggestions?

Here are two options I can think of, but looking for any others

  • I’ve been quoted minimum of $3k (100 hours) by a developer to build a customer integration.
  • Alternatively, there is always Salesforce – I just know that it can be pricey and I didn’t find it very intuitive at my previous company.


Hey @spineynorman! Thanks for your question! It sounds like you’ve already spent a lot of time doing research on HIPAA-compliant CRMs. We actually had a question similar to this one come in a couple of months ago and had a few other HIPAA-compliant customers make suggestions that might be a good fit. If @Shubhankit or @Shyam are willing to jump in and share any additional thoughts, that would be awesome! I’d love to see you find a solution that solves your challenges and is easy to implement.


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What is the best number to reach you on to discuss the below?

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Hi @Shyam! Thanks for being willing to share more info. @spineynorman is actually the one looking for some insight on this — would you be willing to post here so everyone can read your response? Thanks so much! :slight_smile:


Any help would be great, Shyam!


@spineynorman Hi Guys, Sorry for the late response!
LeadSquared has a custom integration available with Call rail :

Here is a bit more information about LeadSquared Healthcare CRM:

Can you share your email address to take this discussion ahead?