Have you taken a look at these yet? (good reads you might have missed)


Happy Friday everyone! :tada:

Between work and home, life tends to get a bit hectic towards the holidays. There are so many things going on at once, it’s all too easy to forget how long the turkey has been in the oven or miss out on amazing fresh content.

I wanted to try and help, at least on the content side. (Sorry, no turkey tips and tricks this time)

Below are a few articles, infographics, and guides that you might have missed, but are definitely worth the read.

▸ Alex Membrillo from Cardinal Digital Marketing tells us about the 7 questions a healthcare provider should ask before hiring a marketing agency.

▸ Steer clear of future issues and prep yourself with these 5 marketing attribution pitfalls marketers must avoid.

▸ Are you a visual learner? Here’s an infographic to help you understand and breakdown multi-touch attribution. (click here for infographic)

▸ Want something a bit more in-depth? Take a deep dive into marketing attribution with our new guide, “Attribution Report: How Today’s Marketers Measure Campaign Performance”. In this report, they uncover:

  • The challenges of marketing attribution in today’s marketing landscape
  • Which channels and conversion points marketers measure best (and worst)
  • Buyer preference for making contact with a business
  • Marketers’ perceived efficiency of their budgets and efforts
  • How problems like lack of organizational buy-in and poor tech stack compare to other common problems facing marketers
  • The effect of platform and conversion point proliferation

If you’re searching for more resources, venture over to our Resource Center and find additional pieces like the ones above.

Have you read anything else recently that you loved? Or maybe you recently wrote something that you think other marketers could find useful? Feel free to comment below if you have any recommendations!