Has anyone used a CDN with CallRail? Any issues?


To anyone that can help answer my question:
Does anyone have a use case example or experience using a CDN with CallRail?

We just recently launched a new website and I was advised by the company that built the site we should strongly consider using a CDN (content delivery network) such as Cloudflare to decrease page load speeds while simultaneously increasing site security. Apparently it works by caching the site on servers local to the user.
Anyhow, I’ve been in communication with CallRail support and I’m not able to get a clear answer about any use cases where a CDN has been used in conjunction with CallRail. In theory, I feel like there could be issues with the dynamic insertion since the cached version of the site might not properly trigger the insertion, but I don’t know. And I don’t want to move forward with using Cloudflare, which requires changing the DNS records, without knowing for sure (if at all possible). Thanks!


Cloudflare should not impact CallRail’s swap script. I haven’t personally tested it, but our script works similarly to Google Analytics, and Cloudflare has a support document detailing how they won’t impact GA (https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200172616-Does-Cloudflare-affect-Google-Analytics-)

All of this assumes Cloudflare is only caching the static contents generated from your domain, which I believe is how they work.


Thanks for your response Michael. We went ahead with GoDaddy security/performance package instead of Cloudflare, which is essentially a Sucuri firewall/CDN. GoDaddy advised we use site caching with CallRail, which basically negates the whole purpose of the CDN since it prevents the firewall from caching the site. This obviously isn’t ideal when we are trying to take advantage of the performance perks of caching.

Does CallRail have documentation on firewall/CDN caching options and how they might affect dynamic number insertions?

Tips as it relates to Sucuri?