Google Data Studio - Date Source



I am trying to create a CallRail dashboard with in Google Data Studio, but noticed there is no “date” dimension available. Am I missing something or can that be added?

I am seeing here,, on item 10 that a call conversions campaign with a timeline was created.

Any thoughts?



Hi Jason,

That timeline view of call conversions within the Google Data Studio report is actually based off of data from Google AdWords. We don’t currently send a time metric to AdWords to allow you to use that element with the CallRail data source.

To create that same element within your report, you’ll need to be using CallRail’s direct integration with Google AdWords. Then do the following inside of your Google Data Studio report:

  1. Choose to add a “Time Series” element to your report.
  2. Select Google AdWords as your data source.
  3. Choose your time dimension (we used days in our example).
  4. Select “Campaign” as your breakdown dimension.
  5. Select “Phone Calls” as your metric.


Hi Madelyn,

Oh that makes sense!

Is it planned to add the date dimension into the CallRail integration for GDS? It seems like the data is available, just not included in the data source.

I would like to recreate the time series chart that is seen on the activity page under call log.



Huge +1 on this feature!


I also hope this data gets added, since I need time-based graphs in Google Data Studio, and also because a keyword pool is not a good fit for my client (hence no Call Rail / Google AdWords data integration available). Thanks!


+1 from me! That would be great.