Google Analytics & (not set) In Locations Report


I just recently started importing calls as goals in Google Analytics. The issue I’m running into now is that when I go into the Locations piece of Google Analytics and drill down to the city level, all of my call goals are being attributed to (not set). The state they’re coming from is correct, but the city won’t show up. Has anyone run into this? Or found a way to get the city to show up? Thanks!


Hi @avalentine89! Thanks for posting your question. Unfortunately, while we do send a geographical ID to Google Analytics, we’re only able to do this at the state level. However, you can filter calls by city within the CallRail app by inputing your desired city in the search bar in the call log . Please let me know if this helps!


Hi Kate,

It certainly does! One last question. If sessions are being attributed to (not set), is CallRail creating sessions to record the phone goal completion? Meaning if I’m if I came to a site from Google in Dallas and called the tracking number, is an extra session created in GA to record the goal?


Hi @avalentine89! I wanted to go ahead and follow up on this. If the call came from a keyword pool, we’d match them with the GA session, but if they came from a source tracker number, there wouldn’t be a session so we’d be creating a new one. I hope this adds a bit of clarity!