Google Analytics Custom Dimensions Support?


Do you support sending custom dimensions to Google Analytics with the phone call event hit?

For example, let’s say I have a product detail page with a phone number on it that is unique to the vendor of that item. When you send the event hit to Google Analytics can you send additional data in the payload for custom dimensions I have set up in Google Analytics such as Vendor ID or Product ID etc?

I am looking for the easiest method to report the number of calls to each vendor within Google Analytics because we use the GA Embed API in our vendor reporting dashboards.

I see the current data coming through is structured like so:

eventCategory: Phone

eventAction: Incoming call via ‘Tracking Number’ - ‘Number Name’

eventLabel: From 612-XXX-9345 Call-01

I could obviously try and filter on the Event Action and match to a vendor but that gets messy really quickly once we start using keyword pools for each vendor.

What is the preferred method for handling this?


Hi James - I chatted with our support team, and while we don’t support this right now, our team has added it along with your use case as a feature request with product. I’ll keep you posted with any new developments!

If anyone else is interested in this feature and/or has a use case to share, please let us know here.