Google Adwords Integration - Disconnecting


The callrail integration keeps on randomly disconnecting from the adwords accounts it stays connected for a couple days then drops off randomly. We are are connecting via an MCC account. Is this a known issue? And is these a resolution soon?


A couple customers have reported this, and I know we’re working on it. I’ll see if I can get an engineer to jump in with more information.

Our support team is also happy to help troubleshoot the issues with your account.


Hi! Just wanted to give a little more insight about AdWords integration failures. Whenever we make a request to the AdWords API, and when that API request fails, we disable the integration. Currently, we capture the failure response from AdWords and store it, and our support team can see these failure messages.

In order to work to resolve the failures, the best thing to do now is to reach out to support and work with them to investigate what is causing the failed API requests. Due to the wide variety of potential causes for failed API requests, we’re still trying to determine what the main offenders are here and what the best way to handle this would be for our customers. Rest assured we are actively working towards a more proactive long term solution.


I’m having this issue constantly, and it sucks.


So sorry to hear you are also having this issue. Our dev team is working towards a long term solution that prevents this from happening, but in the meantime, have you been able to work with our support team to get this reconnected?



We were told by support that any little change in adwords conversions can result in a disconnection. This can even be a result from a little change in capitalization. Once we left the conversions alone and then started checking daily we are finding a much better up time on this integration. I hope this helps.



I have been emailing support. It would be helpful if I could just get notified as soon as the integration breaks because I’m able to go in and reconnect the accounts. Hopefully, this will get fixed soon.


Definitely understand how that notification would be helpful. I checked with our Product team and it is on their radar to get this developed. We will keep you updated as soon as we have a timeline for it. Thanks for the feedback!


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